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ŞOK’s History

1995 Şok Market began its operations with 13 stores.

2011 ŞOK Markets joined Yıldız Holding with 1,255 stores and 7 warehouses.

2012 New arrangements were made in the stores and the new year started with 1,144 stores.

2013 Şok markets incorporated Dia S.A. discount supermarket chain with its 584 stores, Onur Ekspres Marketçilik A.Ş retail chain, which is known as "Onurex" in Turkey with its 116 stores, and Devamlı İndirim Mağazacılık (Dim) retail chain with its 18 stores.

2014 The conversion of all stores to ŞOK markets were completed.

2015 The new business model and store concept were developed. An average of 3 stores/day were opened for organic growth and the number of stores reached 3,000 by the end of the year.

2016 While continuing to open 3 stores a day with the new store concept, the existing 1,648 stores were converted into a new store concept. As in the previous year, 1,000 new stores were opened and the number of stores reached 4,000.

2017 ŞOK became accessible in 81 provinces and the number of stores reached out to more than 6,364.

"Cepte ŞOK" mobile application has been launched. Şok became the first retail discount market in Turkey with the "Click and collect" practice.

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