Our Quality Assurance department is responsible for ensuring that the standards required to comply with the National and International Codes are met. As Şok, we comply with the globally-known standards such as "BRC" - Brand Reputation Compliance, AIB International, "IFS" - International Food Standards, and "FSSC 22000" - Food Safety System Certification. We require our suppliers of our exclusive products to have one of these certifications.

We monitor the practices of our suppliers and guide them to improve their performance. Since 2011, we have a special inspection program for our suppliers. Third party companies (in accordance with the "Food Safety" checklist and BRC, AIB, IFS, and FSSC 22000) are monitoring the production facilities of our Exclusive Brands, as well as national brands. These third-party companies are checking their suppliers of Original Branded Products twice a year. We are looking for a condition for our suppliers to get good results from these inspections in order to stay as a supply partner.

Independent experts from certified laboratories monitor our Exclusive Brand products according to their chemical, physical, and microbiological properties at the production stage. Before putting a new product on the market, these laboratories conduct quality and taste tests to ensure that the product is approved for production and distribution and to determine whether there is a need to make changes in the content or process of preparation. Laboratories then conduct audits of approved products arriving at our distribution centers before being accepted and distributed to our stores.

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